BIN HOLDINGS celebrates June birthday for employees

22 Jun, 2017 (GMT+7)

Being a light point in traditional company culture, monthly, BIN HOLDINGS held a birthday party for employees in June on 20/06/2017.

Bin Holdings tổ chức sinh nhật tháng 6/2017

In the cheerful atmosphere of the party, the union president, Ms. Nguyen Thi Linh Vi, sent the best wishes to members who have birthday in June.

members who have birthday in June

The spirit of the party is more and more exciting with the game "Dance with idols" that the organizers bring to everyone.

The lively melody, in turn, resounds, the members have birthday in June imitate actions of the "Idol" that the Organizers secretly arranged.

When the music stops abruptly, those who can keep the dancing posture and stand still until the end of the game will become the winner.

The divine-King Kong dancing style of Mr. Thien Long the Idol - from the graphic design department made everyone feel relax with joy and laughter, helping the organizers find out the two most potential dancers to receive the award. 

second prize for the winner
Presentative of BIN HOLDINGS give the award to the one who win the second prize

first prize in June

The new members, in turn, introduce themselves, send greetings to everyone, indicate a good start.

new members in June

Such those unique dances, comfortable and cheerful moments that are definitely unforgettable things for everyone on this June birthday.

The party is an occasion that brings all the employees who work at BIN HOLDINGS closer, the humanity, as well as the fellowship, becomes more and more affectionate.

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