CEO of BIN Corporation Group, Mr. Jimmy Lee, who is a young entrepreneur, always aspires to contribute a small part to the glory of Vietnam.

Thanks to traveling in many places: Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, USA, Europe... he has built a name in the financial consulting and international business services market.

Thanks to that, he discovered that the international financial services market was a "gold mine" to explore. Starting his first business with a local brand, he gradually formed a chain of 10 brands until now.

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CEO Bin Corporation Group
Mary Kim

Mrs. Mary Kim


Ms. Mary Kim, Chief Financial Officer of BIN Corporation Group®, is in charge of the company's financial strategy, which includes communicating the company's strategy and performance to investors and managing capital structure to maximize shareholder returns. She is in charge of the firm's financial controls, procedures, and reports to CEO Jimmy Lee.

Didier Wong

Mr. Didier Wong


Mr. Didier Wong is the Chief Operations Officer and also the Compliance Director at DNBC Financial Group®. He runs the company's Legal, Compliance, Information Security, and Privacy functions. He is in charge of identifying and managing regulatory risks across the company, as well as ensuring compliance with international, federal, state, and municipal regulations in the more than 5 countries where DNBC Financial Group® operates. He reports to CEO Jimmy Lee.

Tyler Wong

Mr. Tyler Wong


Tyler Wong is Chief Operating Officer of One IBC® Group. He is in charge of running the One IBC® Group's organizational structure in accordance with the company's mission, vision, and core values. He leads and oversees teams that implement One IBC® Group's short- and long-term business strategies or objectives all around the world. He reports to CEO Jimmy Lee.

Teresa Nguyen

Mrs. Teresa Nguyen


Teresa Nguyen is the CTO of BIN Corporation Group®. She leads the engineering staff, ensuring that the company's technology strategy is in line with its objectives. She is also in charge of overseeing and enhancing the Company's operations and technology infrastructure. She is in charge of planning projects, deploying ideas, and assuring project development and productivity. She reports to CEO Jimmy Lee.

Eric Wong

Mr. Eric Wong

COO Global Immigration Services Group

Mr. Bui Anh Tu is the COO at Global Immigration Services Group (GIS Group). He is in charge of operating the organization of GIS according to the company's goals, vision, and core values. In this role, he plans the business strategies and leads the team in implementing the company's short- and long-term business policies or strategies. Also, he manages relationships with customers/suppliers and reports to CEO Jimmy Lee.

Drake Hoang

Mr. Drake Hoang

CEO of KOK Corporation

Drake Hoang is the CEO of KOK Corporation. He is in charge of running business according to its inherent goals, vision and core values. He also makes strategic decisions for the company's short and long-term business and is responsible for these business results. He is the person who lead the way in creating and executing effective strategies for KOK Global Corporation's growth and profitability, and reports to CEO Le Hung Anh (Jimmy Lee).