[Shark Tank Season 6 Episode 6] Shark Hung Anh Was Impressed By The Appearance Of Unique Bag Brand, Hot Tiktoker With His Heirloom Delicacies

23 Apr, 2024 (GMT+7)

Tiktoker Long Chun and Heirloom Bun thang

Shark Tank season 6's episode 6 had tiktoker Long Chun and his sister Thu Tra, the inventor of the Mot Buoi Sang brand, unexpectedly showing up to "entertain" the sharks with their three-generation family heirloom noodle soup.

He revealed: "My grandma used to wander the ancient streets of Hanoi while carrying vermicelli noodles. My father and his siblings were raised on this vermicelli meal, and that tradition is carried out on a daily basis. My father was also in the culinary arts during his lifetime but now my sister is a psychotherapist, I am an actor. We frequently believed it had been cut off." But today, two startups have chosen to open Mot Buoi Sang with the goal of making bun thang available to everyone in the nation and earning recognition as a "national dish" of Vietnam.

Following two years of operation, Mot Buoi Sang introduced clean brown rice vermicelli noodles to the menu. According to Long Chun, he wants to raise money in order to concentrate more on creating menu items that are both healthful and traditional in taste. Mot Buoi Sang monthly revenue is currently estimated to be around 900 million, with a profit margin of 12–13%. By 2023, the company expects to generate 10 billion in revenue.

The company is always open about its finances and salaries, even if it follows a family model, according to founder Mot Buoi Sang - Thu Tra. She also disclosed that, at the moment, she owns 50% of the shares, while Hoang Long, a Tiktoker Long Chun, owns 35%. The remaining shares are owned by the other siblings living in the house. Thu Tra also receives a salary of 20 million VND per month as the head manager of the Mot Buoi Sang branch in Ho Chi Minh City. Long Chun revealed that he offered to labor for this system for the rest of his life without receiving pay.

Shark Hung Anh chose not to invest despite giving the brand's vermicelli dish particular recognition and determining that it had a lot of promise but lacked an alluring element to become a chain. Shark Tue Lam and Shark Minh Beta concurred as well. Shark Binh, however, made a deal with this startup for $2 billion in exchange for 36% of the shares. 

Following a period of deliberation and consultation between Long Chun and his sister, Mot Buoi Sang consented to work with Shark Binh in exchange for a 2 billion USD deal for 30% of the shares and a pledge to support the startup through to its completion. As a 36% capital shareholder, Shark Binh will have a significant voice in the business. Hopefully, this brand will put Bun Thang on the map of Vietnamese and global cuisines.

Hot Tiktoker Long Chun with his sister Thu Tra and the Mot Buoi Sang brandHot Tiktoker Long Chun with his sister Thu Tra and the Mot Buoi Sang brand

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