Special benefit from dual nationality

19 May, 2020 (GMT+7)

The increasing trend of settlements in recent years has confirmed somewhat the attractiveness of dual nationality. Having second citizenship from some countries provides the opportunity to live and do business in the world's leading economy, giving you and your family the freedom to travel in many countries, etc.

Special benefit from dual nationality

There are some investment programs available to obtain second citizenship. You can choose the investment program that suits your budget and your need to own a second nationality. There are two types of programs: Citizenship by Investment and Residence by Investment. With the permanent resident program, investors will need more time to become citizens of that country. Benefits that investors receive include:

Visa free for traveling

The second passport from several countries gives you the freedom to travel by helping you to travel to many countries without a visa. Not only that, citizenship of a second national can give you the freedom to stay and enjoy the policies in the countries you visit.

Second place of stay

Obviously having a second nationality gives you the right to stay in that country. That country is like a second home to help you ensure your life in the event of any political fluctuations. You will live freely anywhere in the country as a native citizen.

Enjoy the new social policies

By owning a second nationality, the investor can take advantage of the country's social services. The social services provided to you are social security policies, preferential tuition policies for children, employment opportunities, medical benefits, etc.

Expanding new employment and business opportunities

The second passport gives you opportunities to do business in the new environment. As a citizen of a country, you are free to invest and do business in that country and easily develop business models to neighbor countries. For example, you own US citizenship and still maintain assets and businesses in Vietnam. You can open businesses in the United States and expand your business to markets linked to the US.

In short, having dual citizenship will help investors to expand their business in potential markets, the freedom to stay, live and build a solid foundation for your family's future.

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