One IBC Group pioneers in applying digital platforms to global business management

07 Oct, 2021 (GMT+7)

In September 2021, One IBC Group (a subsidiary of BIN Corporation Group) officially launched One IBC mobile application - a digital transformation application into the process of businesses’ establishment and management, helping to connect and serve global customers through a single smartphone platform.

1. One IBC mobile application: The digital platform solution in global business management

One IBC is a mobile application using platform technology, integrating many necessary modules in a single platform for business establishment and management of each customer and each country.

One IBC mobile application: The digital platform solution in global business management

1.1. One IBC mobile application introduction

As an app for smart mobile devices, One IBC app helps businesses, administrators, and investors track all information, services, and many other utilities of One IBC Group quickly, efficiently, and remotely, such as:

  • Establishing companies in countries such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Lithuania, British Virgin Islands, California (USA), etc.
  • Company renewal
  • Following up tax, accounting - audit reports after the corporate establishment.
  • Business activities include business licensing, intellectual property, office leasing, etc.

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One IBC promises to open a new era when connecting entrepreneurs and investors around the world through a unified automation data system, for all in all business activities.

One IBC mobile application introduction

1.2. Outstanding features of One IBC mobile app

One IBC’s experts have “equipped" the application (version 1.0) with many outstanding and essential features, including:

  • Provide full information about 15 business services of One IBC
  • Allow ordering, paying, direct transactions, and using all One IBC's services quickly and conveniently.
  • Absolute security features to minimize risks when using through 3rd platforms
  • Quickly update economic and financial news of more than 27 "hottest" countries and territories in the world
  • The policy of accumulating points to receive many valuable rewards and great incentives from the One IBC Club program.

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One IBC application will make the process of the business establishment and management easy, convenient, and fast through only smartphones.

2. Digital transformation technology - An inevitable trend to improve business performance

Taking advantage of industry specificity and market demand, due to the number of One IBC Group’s customers and partners is spread across countries and territories and many companies are established every day, the Group has been determined to apply digital transformation to business management through a unified platform to improve user experience and connect millions of customers and partners globally.

Here and now, digital transformation is the key strategy. The launch of One IBC mobile application is the first strong step to affirm the pioneering spirit and to promote digital transformation in business management. One IBC app will be a solid foundation for the long-term development of One IBC Group and millions of customers and partners around the world.

Digital transformation technology - An inevitable trend to improve business performance

2.1. One IBC app on the journey to affirm the brand and position on the international map

CEO Jimmy Lee, Chairman of BIN Corporation Group, shared that: “During an initial launch of the app, the expansion strategy will be the main development direction to make One IBC brand popular globally. After that, One IBC Group will focus on penetrating and entering potential customer segments in key countries in Europe, America, and Asia. Accordingly, PR & Marketing activities will approach and target the needs in each country based on the culture of that nation."

Besides, when the One IBC application is officially launched on the two largest application stores in the world, Google Play and App Store, One IBC Group aims to bring the application "landing" to the top position on the search list of enterprise applications in the same field.

Making customers a focus and the market's needs as the core in research, development, and upgrade, One IBC mobile app will bring unified platform technology, convenience, and efficiency. One IBC's development team always focuses on a friendly, simple, and easy-to-navigate interface, combined a useful, attractive, and valuable content for entrepreneurs and investors.

In general, without promptly changing and catching up with technology trends, businesses, regardless of their size, will find it difficult to survive and grow sustainably. The digital transformation process will help businesses succeed if they find the right approach, technology platform, as well. One IBC mobile application is expected to support One IBC Group improve its competitive advantage and open a new era for business consulting, establishment, and management.

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